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Making fresh pasta, by hand or machinery

Making fresh pasta, by hand or machinery

Making fresh pasta is what we are all about at Il Pastaio. Our pasta production traditions are informed by the experiences and know-how imparted upon my father throughout his four decades in the restaurant business, as well as his upbringing with family members in Pisa, Italy.

Giuseppe’s process was fast tracked when in Boulder, Colorado he had the opportunity to learn to work with Italian-made industrial pasta making machines of the highest caliber. The imported equipment; Pama Roma machinery, is revered for its power, durability and ingenuity; and they are the tools that have been helping us make pasta for our community in Boulder, for nearly 20 years. Pasta processed from a bronze-die extrusion industrial process, is considered the “Gold Standard” of pasta products.


In America, pasta production has now hit home and it is fashionable to make it fresh, with local ingredients, hand kneading techniques and small kitchen machinery. Aside from the fun and satisfaction derived from making your own pasta at home, it cannot be denied that the process is difficult and time consuming. Everyday, the internet can provide you with culinary experts sharing their tips on at-home “hacks” to make the process simpler or more inexpensive. In summation, the simple luxury of eating and experiencing fresh pasta is available to us all, wether you take action in your own hands, or find a simpler route…

Here in Boulder, Colorado we are lucky and happy to have a pasta boutique right in our city, our neighborhood, that makes numerous pasta products for an extremely reasonable price. Give our friends and family a memorable culinary experience by sharing our fresh pasta products. Cooking instructions are simple and quick. Check out our line-up and get creative. By acquiring our fresh pasta sheets. you can make your own lasagna or even try your hand at creating your own ravioli. the fun begins with a visit to our location.

From our family to yours, make any dinner experience, a connection to the Old World, and our ancestors.

Let the Pasta conversation begin.

Let the Pasta conversation begin.

Testing One… two, testing one… two…  Il Pastaio, restaurant and pasta factory, seventeen years in service, is happy and proud to start blogging about our adventures and stories, which make up the daily on-goings of our world.

Stay tuned as we learn to refine and express our message. To inaugurate of online story we’d like to invoke a very special Italian toasting expression: “Cent’ Anni!” Which means 100 years. A century of good wishes and hopes to all our friends and supporters throughout the years. We hope that through this medium we will be able to communicate our story better in order to extend our bonds in a new way.

Here we tell the story of our family’s journey in search of the American Dream. The expression of our passion is reflected in the pasta and food dispensed at our restaurant, located in our beloved community of Boulder, Colorado.



Monday through Friday at, we make and serve fresh pasta products and sauces. Wether you dine in, or take our, you’ll experience a part of story. Which we’d like to share here.