Primavera is around the corner! Celebrate with the first Il Pastaio ravioli variety pack

Primavera is around the corner! Celebrate with the first Il Pastaio ravioli variety pack

Spring is around the corner: with inspiration everywhere and hope renewed, we have put together the first Il Pastaio ravioli variety pack. It’s the flavors of a heavenly vegetable harvest paired with great sauces for your enjoyment. You’ll have 5 delicious ravioli varieties to sample: asparagus, beet, eggplant, mushroom, and spinach-ricotta.

Il Pastaio Ravioli package
7 servings of ravioli for all to enjoy!

What A COMBO! Seriously, the Il Pastaio ravioli pack is a true party pack if we’ve ever made one. For years, we’ve heard requests for a ravioli variety entree to order at the restaurant. This package answers that request with our favorite veggie-centric ravioli and our recommended sauce pairings. Did you know we also make other delicious ravioli, such as zucca (butternut squash)?

The colors and flavors of our ravioli medley.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We are still offering our popular Pasta Stimulus Packages, which we can have ready for you in 5 minutes–even when you walk in.

In accordance with the latest Colorado state guidelines, the restaurant is currently open for in-person dining at 50% capacity. So evening reservations are a good idea! We are looking forward to seeing everyone back again someday. Until then, safety is our first priority and we will also happily serve any takeout curbside.

One more piece of good news that we are happy to share with you: we are currently improving our website to make ordering takeout–especially from third-party services–more streamlined. Check back soon for the latest update.

Lastly, Boulder Weekly has our restaurant and pasta factory in the running under the category of Best Italian in Boulder County. We encourage everyone to vote for their favorite local business. This is a nice annual event that highlights the best of what Boulder has to offer. You can learn more at Best of Boulder!

Pasta is for Lovers! The Valentine’s Day Pasta Package is the Perfect DIY Idea for Valentine’s Day.

Pasta is for Lovers! The Valentine’s Day Pasta Package is the Perfect DIY Idea for Valentine’s Day.

This year’s day dedicated to lovers happens to land on a Sunday, so Il Pastaio will be closed, but never fear: our Valentine’s Day Package is the perfect idea for a romantic DIY dinner.

This package includes our exclusive Lobster Ravioli, which we have perfected for this occasion. You will also find the complementary Aurora Sauce for your Lobster Ravioli dinner that you can cook in minutes. Instructions are included. Here’s the rest of the list…

The artichokes, three-bean salad, and roasted peppers are great antipasto starters that can be served up easily with your Sunday feast. Keep the desserts in the fridge. On Sunday, the desserts will be ready to serve, with help from an inspired whipped cream garnish. We recommend you take the lead on these embellishments and pick them up beforehand.

A toast from Il Pastaio for your foresight and great thinking! You will be the hero. This special holiday item is inspired by our Pasta Stimulus Packages which are still available, and all still include a deep discount. We will have the packages ready on Friday, February 12, so reserve one today. They can be ordered ahead of time. Viva l’amore!

Il Pastaio Welcomes 2021 with a Fresh Pasta Future Ahead

Il Pastaio Welcomes 2021 with a Fresh Pasta Future Ahead

Folks, we did it! Il Pastaio survived its 20th year and is happy to welcome the new year with visions of a bright future ahead for our fresh pasta boutique. Of course, if we have not said it enough, we could not have done this without your kind, astounding, and humbling love and support. We are committed to making the best pasta products in Boulder, and last year gave us the renewed vigor and perspective everyone needs.

The latest:

Hours are back to Monday through Friday, 11 am to 8 pm. Weekends we are closed.


We can make substitutions!

Our bulk discounted special bundles provided excellent solutions for many families last year with great food and opportunities to refresh your kitchen habits and recipes with the ones you love. Because of that we are renewing our Pasta Stimulus Package for as long as we have to! The pandemic isn’t behind us yet.

Stay tuned for NEWS updates about when we can reopen for dine-in. We are waiting for the opportunity.

Last minute Christmas idea: Give Fresh Pasta. Il Pastaio Gift Cards will make them merry!

Last minute Christmas idea: Give Fresh Pasta. Il Pastaio Gift Cards will make them merry!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it to Il Pastaio‘s last week of the year! If you’re in need of a great gift idea, now is the time for our Gift Cards! Nothing says, “You mean a lot to me and I want to give you quality, locally-made food, made with love for those we love,” like the gift of fresh pasta.

Stop by the restaurant to pick up a gift card. If you prefer a socially-distanced option, just call us and we can mail a gift card to you or mail one on your behalf to someone else.

Holiday hour updates:

We will CLOSE for our break from December 25, 2020 and will return on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Our Christmas Eve hours will be from 11 am to 5 pm. That will be your last chance to get a holiday lasagna, or order a Christmas Stimulus Package for the end of the year.

This guy got in early for his holiday lasagna.

We hope to welcome you back into our restaurant again for dining services in the coming new year. Until then, we are so grateful for all the support and business that our community has showered us with during a difficult and unprecedented year. We made it through 2020, thanks to you.

Give Yourself the Gift of Fresh Pasta With The Christmas Stimulus Package

Give Yourself the Gift of Fresh Pasta With The Christmas Stimulus Package

Dear reader, we’ve made it to the final month of a very complicated year, and here at Il Pastaio we believe you deserve the convenience and superior quality of our fresh pasta products included in the holiday Christmas Stimulus Package. There have been so many new things to learn about and deal with during this turbulent time, so why not return to basics and have delicious pasta for the coming days?

The Christmas Stimulus Package has an applied deep discount, and is yours for $50.

The package includes about 12 servings of both new and classic pasta items made specifically for and inspired by the Holiday, all listed here:

1 lb. Spinach Gnocchi

1 lb. Meat Ravioli (ground beef)

1 lb. Salmon Ravioli

1 lb. Red Fusili

1/2 pint of Pesto Sauce

1 Pint of Basilico Sauce

1 Pint of Alfredo Sauce

1 Package of Christmas Cookies

The simple preparation and easy cooking methods will help you nourish your loved ones properly and in style.

Spinach gnocchi and red fusili, part of the new Stimulus Package.

Also, please be aware that Il Pastaio will CLOSE for a much needed vacation period, starting on December 24, 2020, through January 3, 2021, with plans to OPEN on January 4, 2021. So if you have plans for a Christmas Stimulus Package, or a Christmas Lasagna, be sure to get your orders in before the 23rd of December.

We are so grateful for all your support during the memorable year of 2020. We would not be here without you. Buon Natale! Happy Holidays to all.

We are ready for your Christmas Lasagna Orders

We are ready for your Christmas Lasagna Orders

Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner, and here at Il Pastaio we are ready to fill your party-sized lasagna orders. If you’ve never checked out our Party Menu, we offer several dishes in large, “catering sized,” portions for special occasions.

A happy lasagna customer (bread not pictured!)

Our lasagnas have been popular throughout the years for holiday family dinners. Here’s what you need to know:

Lasagnas are yours for $63 and they serve 8 people.

They come with a pint of sauce, as well as bread.

We only need a few hours’ notice before your order. You can reach us at 303-447-9572.

Plus, we can hand them to you baked and ready to eat, or unbaked… so that you can bake them yourself, with a very easy process! You can keep them in the fridge and fire them up on Christmas Eve. or whenever you need to feed the whole family.

Freshly made pasta sheets; take them home in bulk

Our lasagnas are made with our homemade pasta sheets, which are also available to you, in case you want to make your own lasagna or ravioli, or whatever culinary pasta project you have in mind.

We are still offering our Pasta Stimulus Packages. Please stay tuned for our upcoming special Christmas Package, which will feature new pastas inspired by the holiday season.

In other NEWS, we will soon post our holiday schedule, when we annually close between Christmas and New Years. Can you believe it?! 2020 will actually come to an end, and we, for one, will be celebrating making it to the finish line.

Thanksgiving Week Hours and Restrictions Announcement

Thanksgiving Week Hours and Restrictions Announcement

This week our restaurant and pasta factory will open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and per the State’s orders will only offer take-out services; which includes fresh pasta. So you can still pick up fresh pasta products in bulk, or take away delicious, hot and ready-to-eat food from our Dinner Menu.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

OPEN: Monday through Wednesday, 11 am – 8 pm.

CLOSED: Thursday and Friday.

We are always closed on weekends. Business will open on regular hours, Monday, November 30, 2020.

You still have an opportunity to stop in and pick up a festive Thanksgiving Day Stimulus Package, which features our holiday-inspired turkey ravioli!

Or you can buy these by the pound!

We’re sending our best wishes from our family to yours this holiday week. We know it will be a different and memorable Thanksgiving. For our part, we are very grateful to be a part of our Boulder community and to have the privilege to turn our passion for pasta into our profession.

Thanksgiving Day Solutions with New Fresh Pasta Package

Thanksgiving Day Solutions with New Fresh Pasta Package

We can all tell Thanksgiving dinner will be complicated this year, yet Il Pastaio offers a great solution with our latest, Thanksgiving-themed Pasta Stimulus Package. The combination of items we feature in this bundle are inspired by the coming holiday and the harvest of the season. Best of all, as bulk pasta, you can make as much or as little as you want, and save the rest for another time.

The Thanksgiving Stimulus Package is available for $50 and has

1 lb. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

1 lb. Turkey Ravioli

1 lb. Zucca Ravioli

1 lb. Linguini Verde

1/2 Pint of Pesto

1 Pint of Arrabiatta

1 Pint of Alfredo Sauce

The bundle features our new and well-received sweet potato gnocchi–perfect for the occasion–as well as a staple, our zucca ravioli (butternut squash). And, since 2020 has been topsy turvy, we have made delicious turkey ravioli! Why complicate an otherwise complicated year? Keep it simple with turkey ravioli paired with our house-made alfredo sauce. Can’t miss and easy to serve.

Fresh batch of our turkey ravioli. You can also order it in bulk, by the pound.

Without forgetting the current pandemic, further social restrictions and coming supermarket scarcity, our stimulus packages can be easily ordered and picked up with little fuzz. Call us and we can schedule a pick-up for your holiday dinner solution. You’ll be grateful you did.

Cooks in 4 minutes!

Il Pastaio’s Statement on Food Delivery Services. 5 Points on how to make it better!

Il Pastaio’s Statement on Food Delivery Services. 5 Points on how to make it better!

Il Pastaio, Boulder’s pasta factory and restaurant, is currently not working directly with any of the third-party food delivery services in the Denver Metro area, but please read on for our 5 point list on how to make these delivery orders better. As a small business, it is not in our interest to get into a contract with one of these jig economy engines. We operate as a brick-and-mortar pasta storefront, and at the present moment, we only have dine-in and take-out services.

Currently we are not directly working with any food delivery services.

To those of our customers who have experienced any issues with third-party delivery orders: we are vexed, too. There is no communication between us and those services, and we cannot control their website ordering experience, or the actions of their delivery personnel.

Here’s a 5 point List of How to have a better order with any of the leading Delivery services out there.

1. MAKE AS MANY SPECIAL NOTES AS POSSIBLE. If the delivery services allow you to add notes, please let us know exactly what you cannot get across. Allergies? Want a different sauce on the side of pasta? If their delivery service does not let you customize, add a note.

2. REMEMBER THAT OUR MENU IS UNIQUE, BUT THEIR SERVICES DON’T REFLECT THAT. At the restaurant we allow for substitutions or “add-ons,” that may be hard to achieve through their interface. Our recommendation is to keep the order as simple as possible. Or call us directly.

3. SAVE BULK ITEMS FOR PICK-UP & IN-PERSON DINING. Sometimes people try to order from our bulk menu, which we love! The only issue is that the delivery service websites may or may not have a clear list or correct prices for our bulk items. We wish we could deliver Pasta Stimulus Packages, but, until further technological advances, maybe call the restaurant for clarity.

4. GO MINIMAL. When you select your pasta and sauce of choice for your entree, the “add-ons” may be hard to compute on third-party delivery websites. We recommend only one add-on per dish in this case.

5. IF YOU CAN, CALL US. Sincerely, we will be there, and you can directly speak to someone to ensure your online order makes sense and that it is what you crave.

Fresh pasta is available in bulk quantities. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

We don’t know what the future holds. Maybe we’ll be able to make deliveries someday, but until then, we thank you kindly for your visits to our store front, and we relish the opportunity to take care of your take-out needs. Grazie mille.

Pasta on wheels! A Way to Get Il Pastaio in your Boulder neighborhood.

Pasta on wheels! A Way to Get Il Pastaio in your Boulder neighborhood.

The challenges of 2020 have also brought about innovation and a case in point is Farm to Bus. It’s an exciting new concept: a farmers market on wheels that is currently offering our fresh pasta in a Boulder neighborhood near you!

Farm to Bus, established 2020.

This fascinating idea is the brainchild of Dustin and Cora, a local dynamic duo who zeroed-in on the damaging effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on local businesses, farmers, and producers who relied heavily on a human network to foster business relationships. As social distancing guidelines compromised these ties, Dustin and Cora acquired their 2011 Chevy Microbird and set out to bring local products to our neighborhoods.

You’ll see their bus rolling through town with great products from local bread makers, coffee roasters, orchards, farms, and beekeepers. It’s our pleasure to announce that they are also carrying fresh pasta products from Il Pastaio for all to enjoy. They sell out quickly, so if you see their bus go by, make sure not to miss the opportunity to support this great service to our community. You can check out the bus’ schedule and even track it live at this link.

The local Farm to Bus vessel of goodness.

The bus does not have all our products and they cannot deliver a Pasta Stimulus Package to you, but they will have a sampling of our fresh pasta, ravioli, and even sauces in our convenient vacuum-sealed bags. We are very grateful to Dustin and Cora for taking on this community-building mission. During the “curbside reality’ that we are experiencing we are happy they are helping to share our pasta with those who can’t go out and get it.

Sampling of our pasta products in bulk.

We hope you can catch the Farm to Bus rolling farmers market soon. They end service for the season when the harvest season has also ended, sometime in late November. In any case, we are sure this is just the beginning of what Dustin and Cora can do for our community and we are looking forward to what they’ll do next.